Past Keynote Speakers

2010 – Richard Stallman, the Free Software Foundation, “Free Software, Free Society” (Keynote)
2010 – Richard Stallman, the Free Software Foundation, “Free Software – The Inside Story” (Banquet)
2009 – Dr. Alain Kornhauser, Princeton University, “DARPA Challenge – Cars that Can Drive Themselves. The Robotic Car of the Future.” (Keynote)
2009 – Dr. Alain Kornhauser, Princeton University, “Computers in Transportation: From Navigation to Automation.” (Banquet)
2008 – David Perry, on Identity Theft (Keynote); Also gave Banquet Talk

2007 – Constantine Kaniklidis, Vista Exposed (Keynote)
2007 – Sol Libes, TCF Co-founder, on The Origin of the (Computer Hobbyist) Species; (Banquet Talk)
2006 – Gregory Olsen, Entrepreneur and the 3rd private citizen in space.
2005 – Brian Kernighan, co-author of first book on the C programming language
2004 – Dr. Rebecca Mercuri, Electronic Voting
2003 – Bruce and Marge Brown, PC Magazine contributing editors
2002 – Ari Kaplan, CEO of Expand Beyond Corporation
2001 – Emmanuel Goldstein, Publisher of 2600 Magazine, The Hacker Quarterly
2000 – Jeff Waldhuter, Director of Bell Atlantic (Verizon) Network Services Strategy
1999 – Mike Elgan, Editor, Windows Magazine
1999 – Eric Raymond (Banquet Speaker) Open-source-software evangelist
1998 – Stacy Horn, Founder of Echo, an online community
1997 – Dennis Hayes, CEO and Founder, Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc.
1997 – Phil Zimmermann, Creator of Pretty Good Privacy
1997 – Bjarne Stroustrup, AT&T Researcher and Designer of the C++ Language
1996 – Robin Raskin, Editor-in-Chief of Family-PC Magazine
1995 – Bill Machrone, Technology VP for Ziff-Davis Publishing
1994 – Steven Levy, Editor of Wired and MacWorld Magazines
1993 – Gordon E. Eubanks, CEO Symantec Corporation
1992 – Paul Grayson, Micrographix and National Chair for Missing Children Alert
1991 – Alfred Poor, PC Magazine ???
1990 – David House, Senior VP, Intel Corp.
1989 – Bill Gates, CEO and co-Founder of Microsoft Corp.
1988 – Chris Rukowski from Rising Star??? Not sure of year
1987 – Claudia Choi, Editor-In-Chief of Family Computing Magazine (only banquet)
1986 – Philip Lemmons, Editor of BYTE Magazine
1985 – Seymour I. Rubinstein, Originator of Wordstar
1984 – Steve Ciarcia, Ciarcia’s Circuit Cellar columnist, Byte Magazine
1983 – Dr. Ken Iverson, IBM, Creator of APL
1982 – Dr. Gary Kildall, President of Digital Research Inc., Creator of the CP/M Disk Operating System
1981 – Dr. Adam Osborne, Author – “Microcomputer Tunnel Vision or Why I Designed and Built a New Microcomputer”
1980 – Carl Helmers, Executive Editor of BYTE Magazine
1979 – Wayne Green, Publisher of Kilobaud Microcomputing and 73 Magazines – Remarkable Opportunities for the Hobbyist
1978 – David Ahl, Publisher of Creative Computing Magazine – “The State of the Art in Computer Games”
1977 – Mr. and Mrs. John W. Mauchly, Co-Inventor of the first large-scale general-purpose electronic digital computer – “The Circumstances Surrounding the Invention of the First Digital Computer”

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